Welcome to Kampbell Kennels

We are an AKC Registered Bullmastiff Breeder located in Eastern Tennessee. Our Kennel is just minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

All of our puppies are family raised and socialized from day 1.

Please note:  We we are not associated with Smoky Mountain Bullmastiffs. They are not owned by us or are in any way

Kampbellkennels enjoys having visitors to our kennels. It gives the potential buyer an opportunity to meet our dogs and see our facilities. However we do not allow visitors on the premises when we have pups under the age of 3 weeks or mamma dogs within a week of delivery. This is a very crucial time in their development and their immune systems are still immature. For the momma dog it can cause unnecessary stress on her. Any other times we do allow visitors who have scheduled an appointment with us. Although we are a dog breeder this is still our home and we would appreciate at least a 24 hour notice so that we can schedule things around your scheduled arrival time.


If you are looking for a dog who …

Is massive and powerful

Has a short easy to care for coat

Is calm and quiet indoors as an adult dog

Makes an imposing watchdog

Is serious and self assured with strangers, yet generally mild-mannered unless aroused

Needs only moderate exercise

Then a Bullmastiff May Be Right For You!



“Your Pet’s Best Friend”