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Did you Know?

Did you Know?  Bullmastiffs are a very popular large breed of dog. They are a cross between the Bulldog and the Mastiff – a very successful cross that combines the best of both dogs. They have the size, power and courage of the Mastiff with the speed and aggressiveness of the Bulldog.

In the early 19th century, they were given the nickname of “Gamekeeper’s Night-Dog” for their work at night catching poachers. To this day, they are still remembered from their work catching and holding poachers. What made them so unique was that they would capture the poacher and perhaps knock them down, but they would never attack. They need no training to be a guard dog as this comes naturally to them. Other breeds have to be specifically trained to know how to stop a stranger and detain them but not attack them. They would hold them until their master came. To the Bullmastiff, this comes naturally. The Bullmastiff was chosen over the Mastiff for the poaching duties which were also due to their great obedient nature.

If you have any questions as to how big this dog can be, just remember Hercules, the Mastiff that made the Guinness Book of Records as the largest dog in the world at 284 pounds. Granted, he was 100% Mastiff, but the Bullmastiff is not far behind them! This is definitely where they got their size from. There have been a few different “world’s largest dogs” that were Mastiffs.

One Bullmastiff was a star on television; you may remember seeing him. His name was Mac and he’s owned by Brian and Tracy Ferrick. Mac (CH. Keeper’s Midnite Marauder) appeared in a Honda Odyssey commercial for a moving advertisement in 1998. Karl Lewis Miller, a world famous trainer, trained Mac. This particular commercial was also shown during the Super Bowl in 1999. How many dog owners can say their dog was part of the whole Super Bowl experience?

The Bullmastiff was registered in the American Kennel Club in 1934 and today has an AKC ranking of 53, which is very good considering all the dogs that are in the registry. When cross breeding the Bulldog and the Mastiff to create the Bullmastiff, England prefers the mixture to be 50% Mastiff to 50% Bulldog, whereas Americans wants them to be 60% Mastiff with 40% Bulldog.

The Bullmastiff has become such a popular dog that there are stores that sell many different merchandise items with the Bullmastiff emblazoned on them. Whether it is shirts, coffee mugs, hats, flags, or bumper stickers, these items are loved by the many owners of this wonderful animal. In addition to the many items that are available in many of the online stores, many of them will custom design items for the Bullmastiff owners. These make great gifts for that hard-to-buy person.  We at Kampbell Kennels Bullmastiffs, have our own line of great bullmastiff items that you can view here.

Where is Waldo?-Puppy Update Form

Have you adopted a puppy from Kampbell Kennels in the past?  We would love to hear from you and see updated pictures as your puppy grows.  To tell us how you and your puppy is doing and give us updated pictures, please update this form.  Once you submit the form your photos will be available for everyone to see here.
Once you have uploaded this picture, you may also go to our store and order customized gifts using this very picture! For more information, click here.

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Puppy Updates

See where these puppies are today!

Guzzler from Litter Z

Guzzler from Litter Z

Update litter Z.   Chenoa out of Polly and Tank. Now residing in California

Update litter Z. Chenoa out of Polly and Tank. Now residing in California

 Zeek is from Litter A and resides in Sevierville, TN LA_Zeke  Tazzer is also from Litter A and resides in Oakridge, TNLA_Tazzer
 Pepper from Litter B now resides in the Carolina’sLB_Pepper  Kodiak and Grizzly from Litter B resides in Knoxville, TNKodiak1
 Mocha from Litter B now resides in Italy!Mocha  Attilla from Litter C now lives in New JerseyAttilla
 Giddy is from Litter D and lives in Santa Barbara and is a big Movie star.  (REALLY–He is in the movies)LD_Giddy1  More of Giddy–He is such a big star that we need to show lots of pictures of him!LD_Giddy2
 Trevor is also from Litter DTrevor1  Ninja now residing in Philippines is from litter DNinja
 Sampson from Litter D now resides in KnoxvilleSamson  Watosha from Litter DWatasha
 Bronx is from Litter D and now resides in TexasBronx  Leo is from Litter D and lives in New JerseyLeo
 Rufus from Litter E lives in Virginia.Rufus_A  Andi now lives in Athens, Tennessee and is from Litter E andi
 Kimber lives in Arkansas now and is from Litter F KIMBER_A  Meet Murdoch from Litter F known as Nurse MurdochMurdoch
 This Virginia bullmastiff is named Harley Push Rod and is from Litter FHarley_A  Bassie from Litter G lives in Georgia and is a beauty! Basie1
 Meet Aleksia from Litter G and living in Southern Tennessee Aleksia_A  Peyton lives in Tennessee and is from Litter G PaytonB
 Hank is from Litter HHank_a  Isabella is from Litter I isabella
 Izzy from Litter I is one year old in this photoIzzy_A  Brynn from Litter I resides in North Huntingdon, PALI_BrynnA
 Murdoch is from Litter I and lives in TennesseeMurdock2  Hoggie and Ludo from Litter JLL_Hoggle_Ludo
 Jenesis from Litter J now lives in NebraskaJenesis_A  Jenna from Litter JJenna_A
 Formerly known as Jocelyn, Balou is from Litter J and lives in IdahoBalou_C  From Litter L meet Langston now residing in Seymour, TNLido_A
 Lindey lives in Indianapolis from Litter LLindeyC  Residing in West Virginia is LouLou from Litter LLuLu_B
 Bufford formerly Manning from Litter MM_Buford_B  Mac from Litter M lives in IndianaMac_b
 Maximus-now known as Briggs lives in Texas with Bronx Briggs_A  Meet Ozzie from Litter OOzzie_a
 Stryker now known as Wilber comes from Litter S and now lives in Floridastryker-wilber  Sultan from Litter S is now known as Moses and lives in Michigansulton-moses
 Shane and Socrates now both live in Ohio and are from Litter Sshaneandsocrates  Saxton now known as Rocky from Litter S now resides in North Carolinasaxtonrocky
 Lucy Lou resides in Southern Tennesseelucylou  

Have you purchased a bullmastiff puppy from Kambell Kennels in the past?  If so, please send us their photos and tell us where they are now.  We would love to hear from you!  Just complete the form here.

Scrapbook of Past Litters

See Our Past Litters

Tank’s Documents

Tank completed his Puppy Obedience class on April 29th and scored at 85 percent. He successfully attended and passed his test for his Canine Good Citizenship on July 08, 2009.

Click on any image to enlarge.

doc2  Tank_docs2