Stud Services Contract

Kampbell Kennels Stud Service Contract

This contract is between Kampbell Kennels

Susan Campbell


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Stud services are available through Kampbell Kennels Bullmastiffs.  Our fee is 1200.00 plus cost of semen collection and shipping or for boarding fees. There is a deposit of 400.00 which must be made prior to the actual breeding. If the stud fee is to paid, the balance must be paid in full prior to the puppies reaching 3 weeks of age. If pick of the litter is the method of payment, deposit will be refunded when the pick is made and taken. Any expenses that may have occurred during the actual time of breeding by Kampbell Kennels will be deducted from this deposit. For example, Emergency Vet Bill,s Artificial Insemination fees (if needed) and any other expenses above the normal cost of boarding. If the female is kept at Kampbell Kennels, normal boarding fees will apply in the amount of 13.00 a day which is due at the time the female is picked up from the kennel. It is the bitch’s owners responsbility to provide all food and special bedding that the dog may require while away from home.

Females kept at Kampbell Kennels will be housed in our kennel area which will provide the dog with its own kennel area (air conditioned in summer and heated in the winter) with a 25 foot run. Dogs will be fed twice daily and walked if requested by the owner. The said dogs will have the opportunity to breed 3 times preferably every other day, unless other arrangements have been made. The bitch’s owner must provide to KampbellKennels proof of current immunizations, is taking heart worm medication and must have been seen by a vet within the last 3 months to document that the dog is in good health and is capable of breeding. Name and phone number of bitch’s vet must be provided if any questions or concerns should arise concerning her health while being boarded.

If pregnancy does not occur, the bitch’s owner’s must provide documentation from a vet that she is not pregnant. A refund will be made, except for 200.00 for the time that was involved in caring for and assisting with the actual breeding.

Once the stud fee is paid in full or pick of the litter delivered, bitch’s owner will then be provided with the Sire’s AKC number for proper registration of the litter with AKC.


_______________________________________ ___________________________________________

Kampbell Kennels Bitch’s Owner

Any deviations in fees or payment arrangements must be agreed upon by both parties and initialed and signed on both copies of the contract.

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