Deposit List

  1. Parks family, South Carolina from 07/10/2018–Deposit rolled 6/14/19-deposit rolled again on 12-12-19
  2. Delaney family with comment. Waiting for Tank2/ Maggie pup 4/12/19 ==Deposit rolled 12-14-19
  3. Serrano family Georgia. Fawn male  May 28. 2019–Deposit rolled-June 19, 2019
  4. Servis Family of Florida 11/29/2019–Deposit rolled 12/20/2019
  5. Ingle Family of North Carolina-12/21/20-spring/summer of 2020
  6. Elizaveth Carver==1-13=20
  7. Harold Family of Ohio 1-19-20
  8. Nash Family  02-05-2020

The puppy reserve deposit list has been satisfied. The remaining pups are now available for those on our regular waiting list.


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Our puppy deposit is 500.00. However for those who submit an early deposit against future limits, the deposit is divided into 2 parts. 250.00 is due to place yourself on the upcoming puppy reserve list. Once the puppies actually arrive and you have picked out your puppy, the second half of the deposit is then due within 3 business days from puppy pick.
please note that we will not longer accept any puppy reserve deposits until we have communicated with the buyer personally preferably by phone and have received an e mail from them describing the type of home environment you will provide, number of children and list of other dogs in the home and your experience or knowledge of the breed you are interested in and why you desire to purchase that particular breed and any other information you may feel is important for us to determine that our puppies 🐶 will be a good fit for your family. E mails can be sent to Put in subject line. Puppy placement info
All puppy reserve deposits are non refundable unless Your desire color or sex can not be produced within 9 months from date of deposit. Deposits can however be rolled between litters and even between breeds. The deposit amount is then deducted from price of puppy