Litter Y

Tosha and Tank were born Nov 5 2015 Individual pics to be posted in about 7 to 10 days


 1  2  3
 4  5

 3 Boys and 2 Girls

 pollypups3  pollypups4

 13 Days Old!

 pllypups5  pollypups6  Toshapups1

 Individual pics will be posted on or about Nov 23

 For those buyers who have reserved a puppy, picks will begin Dec 3.

Collar Color Key for Tosha’s Pups


 Pink.  Girl.  Yvonne  No collar.   Girl. Yelta  Orange girl   Yanni
 Black. Male Yardley  Tan male. Yahoo





Photos Taken 11/23/2015

 o-tosha-3  o-tosha-4  Looking for a forever home.  Can I come home with you?




Photos Taken 11/23/2015

 p-tosha-3  p-tosha-4  I’m sweet and adorable and looking for my new home.  Can I come home with you?




Sale Pending

Picture taken 11/24/2015

 All of our male puppies are currently spoken for. If you are looking for a male you can still complete the waiting list form as a back up buyer or for future litters. We are also accepting deposits for puppy reserve on future breedings.

Puppies at 3 weeks of age.  Click each image for a larger view.

 Sale Pending!yahoo


 Sale Pendngyardley

 Sale Pendingyelta



Puppies at 4 weeks

 5b9cb9ef-79f5-4f47-b2d5-c94b9da5853c Take me home! f6c1ec4b-79ee-4b7f-b9f1-f63c355f2016
 Sale Pendingaad7b5d9-7dc8-44d0-8170-14f0f5fe9256  Still Available

 Puppies at 5 Weeks Old


Please take me home and love me.

I am looking for my forever home

I am looking for my forever home



Sale Pending


Sale Pending


Sale Pending

Sale Pending


Yvonne is a beautiful little girl from Tosha and Tank’s litter born November 5th, 2015

 fawn1  pink1  pink2
 pink3  pink4  pink5
 pink6  She is 6 weeks old in these pictures  Please call us to take her home for Christmas!